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Studio M' Macaroni Gratin Ovenware
  • This "Macaroni gratin" ovenware line has been designed by answering our customers' request that they need such a gratin dish as to be available as a dinner plate. In deep rectangle shape with roundish edges. How about making gratin dishes containing chunky pieces of vegetables such as potatoes or pumpkins? Moreover, special heat-resistant clay is used, which allows for open fire safety in addition to microwave and oven safety, so it will help you make preliminary arrangements with it, too. Available in three "deep" colors (White, Caramel and Brown) that complement cheesy and hot gratin dishes.

    Studio M' Macaroni Gratin Ovenware

    Sales Tax Included
    • Size: W238mm/ D125mm / H52mm / 580cc

      Material: Porcelain

      Country: Made in Japan

      Oven: Yes

      Direct Fire: Yes

      Microwave: Yes

      Dishwasher:  No

    • Do not use the clay pot for deep-fried foods such as tempura and fries.

      Some have cracks (penetration) on the surface at the time of purchase, and some will penetrate as you use them.

      The particles of the soil are coarse, and the moisture of the food put in the vessel may seep out.

      If you heat the dough with moisture remaining, the moisture absorbed by the bowl may seep out from the sides and burn.

      If you do not dry it thoroughly and store it with moisture remaining, stains and mold will form.

      ○ Before use

      Wipe off the moisture on the outside when using an open fire, oven, or microwave.

      ○ After use

      Please avoid using it with food in it for a long time.

      After use, remove dirt immediately, wipe with a dry cloth and dry thoroughly before storing. Drying in direct sunlight has a sterilizing effect and is recommended.

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