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Ceramic Japan's Moderato
  • Ceramic Japan was established in 1973 in Seto, Japan, a place with 1300 years of history of pottery. Since then, they have been creating various products under a consistent design policy, through the collaboration of talented designers and Seto's traditional technologies.

    Ceramic Japan's Moderato

    PriceFrom AU$22.00
    Sales Tax Included
    • Size: Cup 11x8x6.5cm (Cup) 200ml, 13.3x2.3cm (Saucer)

               Hi Cup 9.5x6.5x9.5cm (Cup) 200ml, 13.3x2.3cm(Saucer)

               Tea pot 15.3x9x12.4cm 500ml

               Small Plate 13.5x2.3cm

               Medium Plate 19.5x2.5cm

               Large Bowl 18.7x5.5cm 700ml

      Country; Made in Japan
      Material: Stoneware

      Microwave: Yes
      Dishwasher: Yes