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Arita Ware Tasei Kiln Knot Bowl
  • A knot (musubi) is to relate things to each other, people to people, and tie the edges together."knot" that you provide is not the vessel itself, but thehappy world that spreads from it.


    Based on the white porcelain, which is also a feature of Arita porcelain, we ask the users to pick up something that has a sense of luxury and cuteness, and leave it to the imagination of the user.


    This is a knot that prays for the first form of the kiln, "a long-lasting relationship."

    Arita Ware Tasei Kiln Knot Bowl

    PriceFrom AU$55.00
    Sales Tax Included
    • Size:  Width 17cm*15cm  Height 6.3cm

      Country: Made in Japan

      Material / component: porcelain

      Microwave: No

      Dishwasher: No

    • Hand wash recommended

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