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Hakusan Porcelain Hirachawan
  • Hakusan Pottery Containers are made in Hasami, a small pottery town in Nagasaki Prefecture. Hakusan Pottery, which commercializes Hasami ware with a history of 400 years with a modern and functional design, was established today by Hakusan Pottery Co., Ltd. in 1951 and Hakusan Pottery Co., Ltd. in 1958. I will reach you.


    Hirachawan is a masterpiece by Mr. Masahiro Mori, who was a representative product designer in Japan, as well as an in-house designer at Hakusan Porcelain. 


    Hirachawan is larger and flatter than ordinary rice bowl. You can serve side dishes and desserts to make your dishes stand out.

    Hakusan Porcelain Hirachawan

    Sales Tax Included
    • Size: Width 15cm * Heigth 5.5cm

      Material: Porcelain

      Country: Made in Japan

      Microwave: Yes

      Dishwasher: Yes


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