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Mino Ware Main Dish Bowl 5 Pattern
  • The Mino Ware Main Dish Bowl from the KOHARU series is a beautiful and functional piece of Japanese pottery. Made in the Mino region of Japan, known for its high-quality ceramics, this bowl is crafted with care and attention to detail.KOHARU has a cute floral design with a Japanese taste, and the edges are wrapped in brown to give a different impression when you look at it from different sides.


    The bowl's size makes it versatile for a variety of uses, from serving soup or noodles to holding snacks or small side dishes. Its smooth, glossy finish is decorated with delicate cherry blossom petals in shades of pink and white, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere.


    Whether used for daily meals or special occasions, the Mino Ware Bowl from the KOHARU series is a beautiful and practical choice for any home.

    Mino Ware Main Dish Bowl 5 Pattern

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    • Size:Width 13.2 * Height 6.3cm (480ml)

      Country: Made in Japan

      Material / component: Ceramic

      Microwave: Yes

      Dishwasher: Yes

    • Due to differences in materials and manufacturing processes, pottery may have iron powders, pinholes, uneven glaze, distortion, and slight rattling.

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