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Studio M' Pave 8 Square Bowl
  • Pave made with the image of cooking and dining table on a special occasion. The shape is the traditional shape of the corner cut corner, which is also used in family crests, and the dignified appearance tightens the served dishes and gives them an elegant look.

    Studio M' Pave 8 Square Bowl

    Sales Tax Included
    • SIZE:  Width 8cm Height 5.3cm


      generation [White] Pottery (yellow clay) / white matte glaze / reduction POTTERY (EARTHENWARE)

      blue porcelain [Celadon] pottery (yellow clay) / white makeup / blue porcelain glaze / reduction POTTERY (EARTHENWARE)

      Turkish blue [Green] pottery (yellow clay) / Turkey Blue glaze / reduction POTTERY (EARTHENWARE)

      Country: Made in Japn

      Mircowave: Yes

      Dishwasher: No

    • · The way color irregularities and baked nuances occur varies from item to item due to the properties of the glaze and firing degrees. Especially, Green has noticeable shades of color, so we hope you will enjoy individual charms.
      ・ There are crazing due to the property of the glaze for earthenware. Dirt may be entering the crazing by repeated use. Before using it every time, soak it in water to make it absorb water well, which will reduce the chance of water content from food coming into the crazing.
      ・ Not a little iron in powder may appear on the surface.

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