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Tobe Ware Rice Bowl, Soup Bowl and Teapot
  •  Tobe ware was started as a practical pottery for living more than 300 years ago, and in 1775, the lord of the Ozu domain, Yasushi Kato, studied the manufacturing method of porcelain by making the best use of the raw materials of porcelain buried in this region. In the 6th year of Anei, Takesuke Sugino succeeded in doing this and began to see today's Tobe ware. At present, Tobe ware is widely recognized for its goodness due to the traditional crafts of the country.

    Tobe Ware Rice Bowl, Soup Bowl and Teapot

    PriceFrom AU$45.00
    Sales Tax Included
    • Size: 

      High Ground Rice Bowl Width 12cm* Height 7cm

      Soup Bowl Width 11cm * Height 6cm

      Tea pot: 450ml

      Country: Made in Japan

      Material / component: Procelain

      Microwave: Yes

      Dishwasher: Yes

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